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A More Free and Educational School Year

It is the start of a new school year and the start of another year of journalism, events, and more from The Claremont Independent.The past couple years have been eventful here at the Claremont Colleges and the Independent has been at the forefront of reporting these events for the students attending the colleges as well as the many millions of Americans curious about what has been happening on college campuses.

The Independent has been featured by many national media outlets and has become one of the most-read and pinged college journalistic outlets. With such great attention and coverage comes responsibility and as such we at the Independent reaffirm our dedication to truthful and quality journalism without sacrificing these principles at the feet of outrage mobs or those who wish to silence us.

Our stories praise the administration and our fellow students when they uphold the values of freedom of speech and diversity of thought; however, our mission also holds the administration and student body of the Claremont Colleges accountable, and most importantly, to provide an outlet to counter the echo chamber that occurs far too often at these colleges.

We continue to provide the spark to dialogue and debate and to further promote educational outcomes as a diversity of beliefs and opinions is necessary for a healthy educational atmosphere. From the Editors-in-Chief and the entire Editorial Board at the Claremont Independent, we wish you a successful school year and hope that the coming year brings forth healthy disagreement and civil dialogue among the student body in the pursuit of truth.

Alec Sweet and Will Gu, Editors-in-Chief

McKenzie Deutsch, Publisher

Chris Rossi, News Editor


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