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  • Santiago Barreto

Claremont McKenna Diversity And Inclusion Dean Transferring To Pitzer College

Claremont McKenna College (CMC) announced in an email today that Vince Greer, who served as CMC’s inaugural dean for diversity and inclusion and director of the CARE Center, has accepted the position of assistant vice president and dean of students at Pitzer College.

Greer has served at CMC since 2016. He “created and facilitated [CMC’s] first ever diversity and inclusion training for new student orientation.” “During his time at CMC, he also built a comprehensive student-driven CARE Center experience that fulfilled the hopes of the program’s inaugural mission.”

In addition to his work with the CARE center and as associate dean for diversity and inclusion, Greer “served on the DOS senior leadership group and was a linchpin of our team. He also held leadership roles across the consortium, including serving as co-chair of the 7C Inclusive Excellence Committee.”

Greer received much recognition for his accomplishments at CMC. For instance, “in 2018-19, he was the recipient of the Claremont McKenna College Exceptional Service Award.”

Greer will be officially transferring to Pitzer College on December 1. CMC will plan a celebration for him in November before he goes.



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