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  • Liam MacDonald

Pomona Title IX Coordinator To Leave September 1

In an email sent yesterday evening, Pomona College Dean of Students Avis Hinkson explained to students that Title IX coordinator Sue McCarthy will be leaving the college for the California State University system on September 1. McCarthy has had a prominent role in several Title IX-related incidents at Pomona, including a discussion involving student blacklists and the suspension of the Pomona College Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault program.

According to Hinkson’s email, “Sue McCarthy, associate dean, Title IX coordinator and Clery officer will be leaving Pomona College effective Sept. 1 to continue the very important work of Title IX administration and advocacy at the Chancellor’s Office of California State University, where she will have oversite of all 23 CSU campuses.”

Hinkson went on to say that “[d]uring her 4 years at Pomona College, Sue has elevated and professionalized Title IX work by providing leadership to the President’s Advisory Committee on Sexual Violence Intervention and Support, the CARES Office, and peer educator program along with the campus advocates program. She has served as a strong advocate for an intersectional and collaborative approach to addressing discrimination and harassment. Her consistency, vision and commitment to the community helped to bring about healing and a growth in trust during challenging times. She has worked in strong partnership with faculty and staff colleagues, as well as students at Pomona and across The Claremont Colleges. Her knowledge, creativity, willingness to innovate, and genuine warmth will most certainly be missed!”

McCarthy has played a leading part in several high-profile Title IX-related events, including the administrative response to the circulation of blacklists by college clubs in 2018. McCarthy, along with Hinkson, authored the administration’s email, which warned students that, while Pomona “recognize[d] many factors may have led to the use of such lists on campus, the practice of barring, bullying or otherwise punishing students in this manner must end immediately.”

McCarthy also announced the suspension of the Pomona College Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault program in 2019, citing reasons of legality and confidentiality. McCarthy later came under fire from students who took issue with the administration’s decision during a panel discussion.

According to Hinkson, “[a] national search is underway to attract our new Title IX coordinator and Clery officer. In the interim, Mike Manalo-Pedro, associate dean and director of the Asian American Resource Center, will serve as our Title IX coordinator and Clery officer.”


Image Credit: Pomona College

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