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Pomona To Reopen Athletic Facilities

In an email sent to the student body earlier this evening, Miriam Merill, Chair of Physical Education and Director of Pomona-Pitzer Athletics, announced that Pomona College will be reopening several of its athletic facilities to members of the college community. According to the email, “[m]asks must be worn at all times except for when swimming,” and a “Daily Health Check (proof of completion) must be provided upon arrival to [the] facility.” No indoor facilities, including bathrooms, will be available. Failure to comply with these and other regulations “will result in loss of facility access privileges.”

Use of athletic facilities will be strictly monitored. According to Merill, “[p]articipants can only sign up for one activity per day. Every Pomona community member is allocated a maximum of two activities per week.”

Pomona students, faculty, or staff making use of the facilities will have to adhere to a substantial set of guidelines. All members of the Pomona community who sign up for activities must provide proof of their completion of a Daily Health Check and wear a mask at all times, except when swimming. According to the email, “[n]o indoor facilities (i.e., locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, etc.) will be available at the chosen activity.”

Pomona’s email also stipulated that all participants must have their temperature checked prior to taking part in athletic activities. Additionally, Pomona stated that “[p]articipants will get one hour for use of the track and 50 minutes for use of the pool (time slots include warm up and cool down). Participants will have 90 minutes for use of the tennis and pickle ball courts (time slots include warm up and cool down). Participants will bring their own equipment. Participants will bring their own water. Participants will adhere to their time slot they have selected and avoid arriving early. Participants must remain 6 feet apart at all times, i.e., on the track, during check-in, etc.” 

According to Pomona, “[g]uidelines will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply will result in loss of facility access privileges.”

In her email, Merill said that “[t]hrough the online scheduling system, Pomona faculty, staff, and students will be able to sign up to use Haldeman Pool, Pauley Tennis Facility, Rogers Courts (pickleball) and Strehle Track.” The facilities “are open Monday – Friday.  Participants can sign up for a morning, afternoon, or late afternoon session.” Facilities are available to Pomona students, faculty, and staff, as well as Pitzer students. 


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