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  • Sophia Frye

Consortium-Wide Parties To Begin, Harvey Mudd To Continue With Restrictions

In an email to students today, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students di Bartolo-Beckham announced that 5C club-sponsored activities and parties will be permitted starting September 27. Previously, the Student Life leadership from the five undergraduate colleges agreed to allow only 1C parties and events where students from other colleges could not attend to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 at the colleges. Additionally, Pomona, Pitzer, Claremont McKenna, and Scripps Colleges will begin hosting cross-campus parties, though Harvey Mudd will continue to bar its students from attending or hosting parties at other colleges.

According to Dean di Bartolo-Beckham, the Student Deans Council met today and determined 5C club-sponsored activities, programs and events offered through The Claremont Colleges Services, Inc., services shared by the 5Cs, 7C International Student Community Program Council events, and 4C parties between CMC, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps will be permitted to occur this fall. Club sponsored activities “will be considered by the respective campuses when determining whether the activities will be approved to take place on any given campus” and “must adhere to any rules or restrictions that are specific to the host campus (i.e., mask requirements, alcohol usage, registration practices, etc.).” CMC, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps will each host one 4C party this semester, while Harvey Mudd will not host or permit its students to attend these events.

In addition to these regulations, the email stated that “[a]ll 4C events will be hosted outdoors and the campuses are working collaboratively on the fall event schedule.” According to the email, “[t]he host campus will be responsible for notifying students of any rules or restrictions that are specific to its campus (i.e., mask requirements, alcohol usage, registration practices, etc.)”

The email also specified that “[o]nly 4C students will be permitted at these specific events; no visitors or guests outside of the 4Cs are allowed. Please note that at all parties designated as single campus events, only students from that campus are permitted to attend.”

Dean di Bartolo-Beckham cites “the mandated vaccine, [the] compliance with COVID-19 mitigation strategies such as masking guidelines, and testing requirements” and “very modest case rates and limited spread” as the reason for the SDC lifting restrictions on 5C social activities a month into the fall semester.

The email also clarified that “these permitted activities are subject to change should COVID-19 conditions shift in our local or campus communities.”


Image Credit: Shanie Roth


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