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About The Independent

The Claremont Independent is an independent journal of campus news and political thought serving the colleges of the Claremont Consortium. By breaking the news that matters—from the shutdown of pro-police speaker Heather Mac Donald to administrative crackdown on academic speech—we have sparked important conversations here in Claremont and across the nation.


The Independent is among the most widely read student publications in America, and our national influence is unmistakable. Writers for the Independent contributed opinion editorials to the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. Media outlets across the country, including the New York Times, Fox News, and the National Review, featured our viral reporting on breaking events on the Claremont campuses, and our work has powered news coverage and erudite political opinion from countless other outlets—among them The Atlantic Magazine, City Journal, and The Federalist.


The magazine receives no funding from any of the colleges in order to preserve its independence and its unrelenting pursuit of the truth. We are grateful for the generous support of private foundations and individuals, who make our hard-hitting journalism possible.



The Claremont Independent

P.O. Box 21

Claremont, CA  91711

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