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Additional Faculty Amendments Include Universal A Option

In the ongoing saga of the Pomona College faculty deciding the grading policy for the rest of the spring semester amid the coronavirus pandemic, some faculty have proposed two additional amendments allowing a universal A policy and a universal pass policy. The unamended motion faculty will vote on tomorrow calls for a universal pass, “pandemic no credit,” or incomplete grading system, with no option for letter grades. An additional amendment was proposed earlier today advocating to allow students to switch passes to letter grades. 

The universal pass amendment leaves the original motion unchanged except eliminating the “pandemic no record” option, which erases a failing grade from a student’s transcript. 

The universal A amendment involves more changes to the original motion (amendments in bold): 

  1. Faculty will exercise the highest degree of flexibility and compassion as we continue to foster student learning and set new expectations.

  2. When curricular pathways are vertically-designed, departments will devise fair and equitable ways to ensure students are prepared for their future studies.

  3. For the spring 2020 semester, Pomona College students will be graded on an A (A), no record (NRP), or Incomplete (I) basis. The assignment of A will count for all major and minor requirements, including senior exercise. The assignment of NRP will strike the class from the student’s academic transcript and no credit will be assigned for the class.

  4. Pomona College transcripts for spring 2020 semester shall bear the notation “COVID-19: Enrollment & grades reflect disruption of Spring 2020.”

The universal A policy is closest to the universal A/A- policy recommended by Pomona’s student body government, Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC). 

Part of the universal A amendment rationale states that “Vulnerable populations of students have expressed concern about the grading policy – students who face extreme challenges for continued education during the pandemic, and students who are counting on grades to advance their future goals. The Universal A policy allows faculty to support and unite both populations of students.” 

With these additional amendments, Pomona faculty will have to decide between the original motion, an amendment allowing opting in for letter grades, and the universal pass and universal A amendments.


This story is developing and will be updated.


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