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CMC Accidentally Admits Nearly 300 Students to Podlich Scholarship

Following Claremont McKenna’s release of their admission decision last week, almost 300 Podlich Scholarship acceptance emails were sent to potential new students by accident. Following the accidental email, Claremont McKenna sent a follow-up email stating that the scholarship had been detracted from their admission.

The Podlich Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship that awards students $10,000 and an additional $5,000 for summer experiences.

Claremont McKenna College provided ABC7 News with the following statement:

“Last Thursday, a computer code error in our regular decision admission letters erroneously offered an additional $10,000 scholarship and first summer experience award. This particular scholarship - just one of many we offer each year - was intended for a total of eight admitted applicants. We have reached out to apologize to each affected student and family. Most students, while disappointed, have been understanding and are appreciative of our outreach. During individual calls, we are highlighting that all first-year students remain eligible for summer experiential support through our robust Sponsored Internship and Experiences program. We are evaluating the technical cause of this error so that this never happens again."

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