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Pomona to Hire Ethnic Studies, Politics, Neuroscience, Math Professors

Pomona College has advertised several tenure-track faculty positions, inviting applicants to apply to teach beginning in the Fall 2020 semester. Two such positions focus on ethnic studies; one being for an additional Assistant Professor of Africana Studies, and the other to teach politics classes that will be “focused on the question of race and ethnicity.” There is also an open position for an Assistant Professor of Mathematics, and one Assistant Professor of Neuroscience.

All candidates for these positions would be required to submit a diversity statement, in which the College asks to know about the applicants’ “past experiences, current activities and future plans to advance diversity, equity and inclusion,” as well as how they “incorporate multiculturalism in [their] teaching methods” and “address diversity.”

A temporary position in the politics department was also advertised, which mentioned that “applications from women and minority candidates” are encouraged. Similarly, the tenure-track mathematics position description also mentioned that Pomona “especially invites applications from women and members of underrepresented groups.”

For its open position in the mathematics department, Pomona “invites applicants in the areas of Analysis, Topology, Geometry, or Probability.” In the neuroscience department, a candidate with experience in ”the study of human affect is preferred, and use of fMRI in research is required, but the area of specialization is open.” 

Pomona has advertised only one position for each of neuroscience and mathematics; there is an increasing importance and immense popularity of STEM subjects at Pomona, along with a scarcity of faculty for the computer science department.


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