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  • Jameson Mitrovich

ASCMC Introduces Resolution Addressing Decline of CMC Party Culture

At the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College Senate meeting this past Monday, senators moved to introduce a resolution demanding changes to restrictions on party life nearly unanimously. Far surpassing the attendance of a typical ASCMC Senate hearing, over 100 students were sworn in as ASCMC Senators.

Among the grievances listed in the resolution were the allegedly “arbitrary and unreasonable” DOS regulations regarding party life. The primary concerns included “the limitation of student-hosted events to 100 people, … the prohibition on the use of event funds for the purchase of beer kegs, champagne, and red wine, and the requirement that administration-trained event hosts supervise events of more than twenty.” The resolution alleged that these restrictions have fundamentally changed the college’s culture. The Senate formed a committee to consider the resolution on the protection of social life comprised of seven Senators and three ranking ASCMC officers. Two of the ten committee members are CMS athletes.

Among the wishes listed in the resolution are for the DOS Office to meet with the committee and come to a possible solution, to drop the ban on 5C parties, and for the Board of Trustees to write the DOS Office “demanding that they end the degradation of Claremont McKenna College’s social life and the coddling of students.”

The committee gave an update tonight at the ASCMC Senate hearing where they announced that they will be meeting with DOS today.

Disclosure: The author of this story is an ASCMC Senator who voted to adopt the resolution. The student who chairs the committee on social life is the Editor-in-Chief of the Independent. He was not involved in the writing of this story.

Correction (4/10): An earlier version of this story claimed that the ASCMC Senate moved to adopt the resolution. The Senate can only introduce a resolution. For it to be adopted, the student body must approve it.


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