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  • Leonora Willett

ASCMC Responds To Remote Learning Petition, Offers Assistance To Concerned Students

The Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC) is the first student government in the Claremont Consortium to respond to the online petition created by the Disability Community and Validating Relationships (DISCOVR). The petition demanded that the colleges provide an alternative to in-person instruction for disabled students. ASCMC

ASCMC's Academic Affairs Committee responded with the following statement:

“To those immunocompromised students and all students who are asking for education without fear for anyone’s safety or well-being: we hear you, and understand your concerns…”

“At CMC, students with COVID-19 must have the opportunity to stay involved with their classes. This may not come in the form of a livestream, but professors should, as the faculty FAQ states, ensure equitable and reasonable access to instruction for students in isolation or quarantine, whether that is through live stream, one-on-one virtual meetings to go through class content, or another method. This also means that professors’ decisions to live stream their in-person classes are up to the individual professor, as are the attendance requirements for students not in quarantine or isolation.”

CMC’s Academic Affairs Committee offered its assistance to concerned students.


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