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CMC Creates Vaccination Reporting Mechanism To Gauge Student, Faculty, Staff Immunity

Earlier today, Claremont McKenna College (CMC) informed students that, under California’s recent decision to prioritize educational employees in its statewide vaccination campaign, all student workers would now be eligible to be vaccinated. To guarantee their eligibility, CMC included an email to student workers verifying their status as college employees. The college also created a self-reporting mechanism for students, staff and faculty who have been vaccinated “in order to accurately gauge immunity in our workforce and student community.”

In its email, CMC “strongly encourages all those who are eligible to safely receive the COVID-19 vaccine to do so.” According to the college, paperwork requirements for vaccination “vary site to site and can include a photo ID, a paystub, a W-2 form, or a letter from the College verifying your employment.”

To facilitate the process, the college informed student workers that they will “receive an email that verifies [their] student worker status, which can be used as documentation if needed with [their] vaccine provider.”

In the email, CMC stated that it has “created a form to allow students, faculty, and staff to self-report having been vaccinated, including to upload an image or scan of your vaccination card. We are collecting this information in order to accurately gauge immunity in our workforce and student community, and to make informed decisions about our outbreak prevention testing frequency and clinical protocols for the fall.”

In addition to CMC, Pomona College, another member institution of the Claremont Consortium, has announced plans to reopen campus for the fall of 2021. Despite having made preparations to “assist all [staff and faculty] in presenting verification of their work in the education sector,” Pomona has not yet developed a system to help student employees prove their eligibility for vaccination.

According to CMC, student, staff, and faculty information “will be treated with appropriate confidentiality, and will only be disclosed and used by CMC and its partners for COVID prevention and mitigation efforts, or as otherwise required or authorized by law.”


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