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  • Kara Hagler

CMC To Implement Contact Tracing, Anonymous Reporting Mechanism, In Updated COVID-19 Policy

Today, Claremont McKenna College (CMC) sent an email to the Class of ‘24 following up on an announcement from CMC’s President Hiram Chodosh on new policies based on new guidance from LA county. The new guidelines include provisions for contact tracing and anonymously reporting policy violators of health regulations.

CMC explained that “[s]tudents who test positive for COVID-19 will immediately enter the contact tracing process to identify and notify close contacts. The College has detailed protocols for the management of contact tracing and any resulting isolation or quarantine.”

CMC also stated that “[w]e will lean on all students to respect and comply with the current and any emerging masking, distancing, and gathering rules related to health guidelines as we attempt to minimize the level of infection. We expect all students to self-enforce and to hold one another accountable for the health and safety of the community.”

CMC is giving students an option to “report concerns to the Dean of Students Office or anonymously through CMCListens. Students who are non-compliant will be referred through the Student Conduct Process.” According to the college, “[s]anctions will escalate based on the seriousness of the offenses and any repeated violations. Disciplinary warnings, probations, and suspensions are all possible outcomes for disregard of health-related requirements.”

The anonymous reporting mechanism and the contact tracing regulations come in the wake of regulations requiring masks indoors, establishing isolated quarantine housing, and postponing all cross-campus parties. According to CMC, these restrictions are subject to change. The College stated that “as new guidelines become available, we will update our information accordingly on the CMC website.”


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