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Editorial: Welcome to the Bubble

We at the Claremont Independent would like to welcome the Class of 2018 to the Claremont Colleges, or, as many like to call it, the “Claremont Bubble.” We look forward to seeing your new faces and hearing your perspectives at the 5Cs.

Unfortunately, as is the case with the majority of incoming college freshmen across the nation, we feel that you might have been told many awful things about conservatives and libertarians that simply are not true. Therefore, over the course of this year we hope to provide reasonable members of the right, left, and center an intelligent voice for the wide breadth of conservative and libertarian thought. Hopefully, through our website and social media presence you will find a forum for debate, discussion, collaboration, and intellectual growth.

We also will dedicate ourselves to hard-hitting, on-campus journalism. Thinking differently from the great majority of our peers provides us with a great opportunity to report on campus events from a different angle. With our perspective, the matter of course may seem peculiar. The boring detail, fascinating. Ultimately, the cornerstone of the CI’s reputation for over two decades has been well-written investigative journalism and we intend to keep it that way.

It is important to remember that, as the only major publication that receives zero funding from the schools, student governments, and student organizations, we are uniquely insulated from the pressures faced by the other campus publications. This allows us the freedom to write about whatever subject we want and express views that established campus institutions might fundamentally disagree with.

We look forward to being a part of discussions across the Claremont Colleges and cannot wait to hear what you think about our magazine.


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