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  • Kara Hagler and Sophia Frye

Scripps And Claremont McKenna College To Extend Move-In Deadline To January 23

Yesterday, the member institutions of the Claremont Consortium emailed students regarding their initial spring semester COVID-19 policies, announcing that the first two weeks of classes will be conducted remotely. Since then, Scripps College and Claremont McKenna College (CMC) sent follow-up emails providing more details for these policies.

Scripps will not require students to return to campus until January 23 instead of January 17 in order to “support students who are navigating flight cancelations and delays in travel plans, along with students who may be sick or are experiencing symptoms.” Once students arrive on campus, “students must quarantine in their rooms until they receive a negative COVID test from [Student Health Services].” Any students who test positive “will be moved into isolation immediately.”

Additionally, Scripps outlined guidance for school events, stating, “CLORGS and other Scripps-only groups will be able to plan events at this time. All events must be virtual or outdoors. A surgical mask or higher is required at all times for in-person outdoor events and there is a capacity limit of 10 people at any outdoor event.”

Similar to Scripps, CMC is also extending the move-in date from January 17 to January 23. In the email, the college stated that “we would like all students to return to campus by no later than January 23, and preferably sooner, so we can establish our baseline testing and start to reestablish our residential community.”

CMC also said that “Because students will be arriving at varying times from many locations, we want to limit in-person social interactions for several days after each arrives to reduce spread.” To limit this spread, the college is requiring that students “quarantine in their room after moving in until they have another negative PCR test from Hamilton Health Box (HHB).”

Though the other members of the Claremont Consortium have not yet provided similar updates, this article will be updated to reflect their new policies if and when they do.


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