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Claremont Colleges Reopen Cross-Campus Dining

On Tuesday, the Claremont Colleges announced that cross-campus dining will partially reopen on February 26. An email sent to the Scripps College student body stated, “Pomona, [Claremont McKenna], Scripps, and Pitzer will open cross-campus dining with brunch and dinner for the weekends and dinners only on weekdays. [Harvey Mudd] will open only for brunch on the weekends at this time.”

The email went on to explain why cross-campus dining will only be open for certain meals: “We understand that students across the 5Cs want cross-campus dining for breakfast and lunch during the week. Knowing that lunchtime places the greatest demands on our dining halls, we believe it is prudent to begin 5C dining with dinner mealtimes (and with brunch on the weekends) to ensure that our dining halls are able to continue to meet high standards of service.”

The announcement comes on the heels of declining COVID case rates across the Claremont Colleges following January’s Omicron-driven surge.

The email clarified that cafés will also be an option for cross-campus dining, but food trucks will not.

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