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  • Richard Cordero

Claremont McKenna Names Chief Diversity and Financial Officers

On Wednesday, Claremont McKenna announced that the Board of Trustees approved the promotion of two members of the administration, Nyree Gray and Erin Watkins.

Nyree Gray, the former associate vice president and chief civil rights officer, is now Vice President for Human Relations and Chief Diversity Officer. Gray was hired in 2014 to serve as Chief Civil Rights Officer before her role expanded. In an email, President Hiram Chodosh credited her with “...reorienting the Office of Human Resources” resulting in “more than 100 new employee hires…”

In her new role, Gray “will continue to provide guidance for the Presidential Initiative on Anti-Racism and the Black Experience in America and for the Office of Civil Rights.” Chodosh also noted that she was key to the creation of the CARE Center, and the development of CMC’s framework for diversity, equity and inclusion strategy.

Erin Watkins, the former Associate Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, is now Vice President of Business and Chief Financial Officer. Watkins oversees payroll, student accounts, dining services and other departments. She is also a member of the President’s Executive Cabinet.

Watkins also oversaw the college’s bond portfolio, “realizing net present value savings of over $23 million.” Watkins has worked at the Claremont Colleges for the last 18 years, coming to Claremont McKenna in 2009 after a stint at Harvey Mudd.


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