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CMC Updates Students, Early Start and Extended Winter Break Possible

Claremont McKenna College (CMC), a member of the Claremont Colleges Consortium, updated students on plans for the fall semester. While many details remain unconfirmed due to the ongoing pandemic, an email from the Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) informed that community that in person instruction, if it occurs, “will almost certainly end by Thanksgiving, resulting in an extended winter break.”

The email also stated that “[i]t is possible that classes will start one week early, around August 21” and that the standard fall break will be eliminated. Longer class sessions and periodic Saturday classes are also being considered as the college seeks to “make up for the lost class time.” Courses are being reconfigured to accommodate both online and in-person options.Classrooms, meanwhile, will be reconfigured “for physical distancing and to increase outdoor and other alternate teaching locations.” While not yet confirmed, DOS “anticipate[s] a discounted tuition rate for those who continue with online courses.” 

DOS also confirmed that students will no longer have the option to eat at all seven dining halls at the Claremont Colleges. Previously, students’ meal plans covered eating at other campuses in the Claremont Consortium.

According to the email, there will be no Welcome Orientation Adventure (WOA) trips this fall. Instead, first-year students will have a modified orientation adventure online. DOS hopes a “WOA-like experience” can be arranged later in the year.

CMC also confirmed that it has leased apartments from the Alexan Kendry complex to “increase residential capacity.” On campus, students will likely be required to wear masks when outside their residence hall or within six feet of each other. The email did not specify if students could expect single rooms to accommodate social distancing requirements, but clarified that the decision would be made “after public health guidance is received.”

Students have the option to complete comprehensive surveys to help DOS and other college leadership make final decisions.


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