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  • Santiago Barreto

Cross-Campus Dining Suspended Due to Rise in COVID Cases

In response to the recent surge in COVID cases at the Claremont Colleges, the colleges suspended cross-campus dining on Wednesday. Normally, Claremont College meal plans grant students access to dining halls across all five colleges. For most of this year, students were restricted to their home college’s dining hall until cross-campus dining partially reopened on February 26.

All five colleges have seen an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases this week. At least 57 cases have been reported at Pomona, 55 at Scripps, 44 at CMC, 24 at Pitzer, and 12 at Harvey Mudd. These numbers are the highest since the pandemic began.

Pomona, Scripps, and Pitzer closed indoor dining and currently only allow takeout options. In addition, many in-person events were canceled due to the surge. Scripps announced that all student events must be approved, outdoors, and limited to 10 people. An email sent to CMC students “recommend[ed] [outdoor dining] in small groups [and diligence] about social distancing... even outdoors.”


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