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  • Trevor Klein

CMC Reinstates Mask Mandate as Cases Surge

In an email addressed to the student body on Tuesday, the Claremont McKenna College (CMC) COVID Compliance Committee reinstated an indoor mask mandate. The committee wrote, “For now, required masking indoors is reinstituted, with N95’s, KN95’s or double surgical/procedure masks required. Single layer cloth masks are not acceptable. Masking outdoors is optional but highly encouraged in denser outdoor settings.”

The move comes just eight days after CMC stopped requiring masks in all spaces except for indoor classrooms on April 28. Students are also now required to test twice per week instead of once.

The announcement comes on the heels of a rise in COVID cases on campus. The email stated, “Yesterday’s PCR testing resulted in 16 new positive cases, and today we identified 28 additional positive cases through rapid diagnostic testing or self-reported antigen testing.”

An email from Dean of Students Diana Graves announced that the school would “not [approve] registered parties for the next 7-10 days… [Students must also] limit social activities to about 10 or fewer people, preferably outdoors. Anything bigger will be shut down" until the surge levels off.


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